Just a quick one…

So the blog is just two days old and I am already abusing my privileges somewhat by using the site not for local news but to post a little piece of personal gratitude. It is all still relevant though, I promise! What follows is a short update on the progress of the site so far…

I feel it is necessary to express a little thanks. Having launched the site on Tuesday I cannot quite believe the support I’ve had already. I had no preconceptions and, as I’ve already mentioned on the site, began this as a bit of an experiment. But already the experiment seems to be going very well indeed! With every turn there seems to be more and more promise.

The more astute of you may have noticed a shiny new addition to The Loddon Eye. If you take a little look over to the right of the page you should notice a local news feed. This will make it easy peasy for you to keep up to date with any news stories that are relevant to the Loddon area… so make sure you check regularly to get the latest stories. I am very grateful to have this feature and am pretty darn chuffed it’s all happening so fast… if we can make this progress in 48 hours, where will we be in 48days??

I also want to take this opportunity to point out the other feature that lies just beneath the local news feed… the #Loddon section. This allows you to have your say using Twitters hashtag system. If you are not already ‘tweeting’ I cannot urge you enough to join, if not least so you can keep beautifully up to date with The Loddon Eye! And using the #Loddon tag your tweets about the area will appear on this site. Ohh it is all coming together so beautifully!

I am wonderfully impressed and excited about the way things are going already but I really need local support to make this flower really bloom (to borrow a phrase…). So spread the word, join the Facebook page and lets really turn this into something.

Before I end this post I feel it is only right to say a word of thanks to Mr Waghorn… without his support it would have taken a little longer to get to this stage. And I can’t help but be touched at his enthusiasm for The Loddon Eye… it is this sort of thing that lifts a humble blog to something much much more.

I think I’ve waffled enough now and I’m sure my main point has come across… that I’m incredibly grateful for all the support and very excited about the future of The Loddon Eye.

I promise that when I next write I will have some lovely local content for you so keep your eyes on The Loddon Eye!

Right now, as much as I’d love to work on The Loddon Eye all day, I’ve got to go to work.

Have a lovely day everybody.


About The Loddon Eye

Part experiment, part personal project, part quest to provide *something* for the area... let's turn this into something wonderful!
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