Even under a blanket of grey Loddon still looks great

  So a bit of time off work meant I could have a potter around Loddon this afternoon…

The River Chet

There is definitely a wintery feel in the air at the moment and Loddon wears it well. Amongst autumnal colours and the low light that comes with this end of the year the town’s old buildings on the high street look better than ever. There is also that peaceful atmosphere to the place, the quiet that comes when people start wrapping up warm and the birds are less chirpy. Even under the completely grey skies Loddon’s charm is still at its best.


And so, taken over by the overall feel of the afternoon, I decided on a little impromptu walk and set off behind the boatyards down at Loddon Staithe… even at the risk of a perfectly good pair of white trainers!



Loddon from the river

It doesn’t take long before you feel you’ve gone quite a distance from the town and it didn’t take me long to wish I had brought a good camera. As a heron made its first swoop past I found myself slightly kicking myself I couldn’t capture it. Impromptu walk or not I should have really had my camera handy. As such, I had to rely on what I could get using my phone so apologies for the quality of the photos.

I really didn’t go far today, in fact I didn’t even make the edge of Hardley Flood before deciding it was probably time to be heading back. However I still managed to find completely serene countryside and I certainly felt somewhat relaxed and refreshed courtesy of the fresh air. And despite such a short walk I still managed to capture a couple of half decent photos on my phone – I feel they capture the current autumnal essence of the area reasonably well, if I may say so myself.

 This just proves that anyone can get good snaps at any time – it is the joy of the technology we have at our disposal nowadays. Without it I would not be able to post any photos from my impromptu little walk on here, so why not embrace it! As such, I’d like you to get involved. If you have taken any photos of Loddon and the surrounding area then let me know. Please email them to me at theloddoneye@hotmail.co.uk and I’d love to pop them on this site. Don’t worry about making them utterly professional (although obviously this is welcome too), if you see something of interest then just pull your camera or phone out, take a quick snap, and send it this way. Let’s see if we can start building up a bit of a gallery of local snaps of Loddon.

As for me, next time I’m out I’m taking a good camera… the heron deserves it.



About The Loddon Eye

Part experiment, part personal project, part quest to provide *something* for the area... let's turn this into something wonderful!
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