There’s a lot to learn from Loddon Library…

Free one-to-one internet tutorials for all

Loddon Library, Church Plain, Loddon

If you’ve made it to this site you probably feel you have a reasonable grasp of the internet. But do you ever feel like you don’t quite understand what it is all about? Or maybe you know somebody who would benefit from a little help on how to get the most from this complex online world? Well did you know libraries in Norfolk offer friendly and free one to one sessions to help you get to grips with this digital landscape? I went along to Loddon Library to find out more.

I spoke to Jean Archdeacon, Community Librarian, who explained the hour long one to one sessions. They are for absolutely anyone of any age and can be tailored to cover whatever best suits your needs. A typical session would teach you the basics of the internet, taking you through the library’s website and search engines, as well as signing you up to, a site designed to help people take their first steps with computers and the internet. Beyond that the session can be tailored to you; for example Jean explained that if someone wanted to learn how to use Ebay then that could easily be covered in the session.

To book a free session simply call Loddon Library (01508 520678), email Jean Archdeacon (, or simply pop in and let them know you’re interested. Just leave your name and number and Jean will get back to you to book you into a one to one session.

In the New Year there will be even more opportunities to develop your internet skills as local libraries are aiming to run 6 week courses. These courses, consisting of one 2 hour session a week for six weeks will hopefully begin around Spring 2011, so watch this space!

Of course this isn’t the only service the Library offers, by a long stretch. As you enter you soon realize there is much more to Loddon Library than borrowing books. There are plenty of computers with free access once you have a library card, DVD and magazine rentals, access to local information including local council details and much more. And in difficult times it seems logical to use such a convenient and economically wonderful service. There really is no excuse not to pop in and find out from the friendly staff exactly what the library has to offer.

It is for a good reason that I have picked out the one to one internet sessions to talk about in more detail. Perhaps you could already tell by the energy I am putting into this site but I really believe that the role this online world is going to play in our lives is going to grow and grow. And talking to Jean and her colleagues at the library I think they are of a similar view. So even if you are pretty confident on the World Wide Web already, if you can think of anybody who isn’t and would benefit from friendly, relaxed and free sessions please spread the word about the service the library offers. The one to one sessions operate across Norfolk’s libraries, just use the contact details above and you will be pointed in the right direction!

Loddon Library
31 Church Plain
NR14 6EX
Tel: 01508 520678



Opening Times


10am – 1pm

2pm – 7.30pm




10am – 1pm


2pm – 7.30pm


2pm – 7.30pm


10am – 1pm






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