Loddon White Dolphins hold silent auction

In the lead up to Christmas the local swimming club is really pushing to raise as much money as possible to go towards the renovation of the pool. Work is to begin on the pool at Hobart High School, Loddon from early next month with the new look pool set to re-open early Spring 2011.

Fundraising activities include a calendar which features local groups and clubs, and Christmas Carols in Loddon on the 11th December.

However the fundraising event that is already upon us is a silent auction of sporting and celebrity memoribilia. For those not familiar with a silent auction, simply get hold of the bid sheet (details below), have a look and see what you fancy, decide what you would be willing to pay for each item and place your bid. Then just wait to see if you’ve won or not! You’ve got until 4th December to enter your bids, with entries closing at 11.30am.

There are plenty of really great items up for auction, including a signed NCFC cap; signed photos of David Tennent, Terry Wogan, and Stephen Fry (amongst others!); signed books (including The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman); free rounds of golf at local courses; and signed Doctor Who posters!

The bid sheet can be downloaded here or visit the Loddon White Dolphins site for more details.


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