The online Loddon ‘family’ welcomes a new addition…

…with the announcement of Loddon Community Cinema’s new site.

It is always nice to see things grow and develop around you and The Loddon Eye is very pleased to welcome Loddon Community Cinema into this expanding digital landscape as they unveil their shiny new web space.

Moving from a previous site held through East Involve, the Community Cinema now has a much more functional website containing everything you need to know; from future films to background info.

Providing a relaxed and accessible way to enjoy top quality films, Loddon Community Cinema has been running since summer 2009. Screenings are held in the lecture hall behind St Johns Methodist Church, George Lane, Loddon and promise a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Admission is £4 for adults, £2 for under 16s, and refreshments are available before the film and during the interval.

Future films have now been added to The Loddon Eye ‘Upcoming Events’ page and please visit the Community Cinema website for more detailed descriptions of the films.

The next showing will be ‘From Time To Time’ on 3rd February.

Please take a look at the Loddon Community Cinema site and show your support for a great village project.

About The Loddon Eye

Part experiment, part personal project, part quest to provide *something* for the area... let's turn this into something wonderful!
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