It’s not just me that rates The Loddon Players’ pantomime…

…here I present you with Caroline Dwen’s review of ‘Mother Goose’

Take it away Caroline:

“I’ve seen Loddon panto every year for many years and have always enjoyed it, but this year’s Mother Goose is the best show ever!  The show is well written and highlights just how many wonderfully talented people live in the Loddon area.  The lighting and special effects are worthy of a professional performance and the costumes and sets cannot be faulted.  If you haven’t seen the show then get a ticket as soon as you can; you wouldn’t want to miss this!”

I couldn’t have put it any better myself!

Caroline’s review found it’s way to me via The Loddon Eye email and, as we are all for varied opinions and discussions here, it made it to the site as quick as I could manage. Please remember that if you have anything you would like to see on The Loddon Eye it is ridiculously easy to make it happen. Check the ‘Get Involved’ page for more details but essentially you can:
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Thanks again to Caroline for her feedback on the panto as well as allowing me to demonstrate just how easy it is to get your thoughts about Loddon onto the big bad web!

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