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The Loddon Eye can only go so far without wider involvement. To become a real community website I need the community to play a part in The Loddon Eye. Fortunately there are a lot of different ways you can have your say and do your bit for Loddon:

If you are involved in the phenomenon that is Twitter you can follow me… I am @LoddonEye. From here you can keep up to date with this site and tweet me with anything you feel I should be made aware of.

Also, whenever you tweet anything about Loddon your message can make it onto the #Loddon feed on the side of this blog. All you have to do is add the #Loddon hashtag to your tweet. So I might tweet something along the lines of… “Just had a lovely picnic in #Loddon” …and it would appear in the feed on this site. Simples! If you still feel a little flummoxed, there is more info here

Everyone seems to have Facebook these days, so why not ‘like’ The Loddon Eye’s facebook page here. That way you will also be able to keep up to date with any posts or additions to The Loddon Eye. You can also show your support and give your feedback… just write it down on the wall.

Comment this blog
Perhaps the simplest way of expressing your opinions is by commenting on any post that appears on this site. At the bottom of the page will be a box where you can type whatever you want (obviously nothing offensive tho..). This is a way of encouraging a bit of discussion about a topic as well as getting your voice heard.

Email me
For a more private way of contacting me, please feel free to email I would love to hear any feedback about the site, any views you feel should be expressed here, and news that you feel I am missing, and of course any other general enquiries.

Submit your photos
Something that I am looking to really kick off is the opportunity for people to submit any photos they have of the area. The easiest way is to email me your snaps but it will also be fine if you would rather share them via Twitter or Facebook. If enough people get involved with this we could build up a lovely gallery of photos taken by a lovely array of local people! Who knows, if we get enough submissions it could develop into a ‘photo of the week’ competition.

Email and RSS subscriptions
Finally, here are two more ways of keeping up to date with the site. At the very bottom of any page on The Loddon Eye is an email subscription button. This allows you to get emails every time new content appears on the site so you never miss a thing. And if you prefer to follow your web pages by using RSS feeds, there is a button at the top of the sidebar that will provide you with the RSS feed for The Loddon Eye.

So there we have it, several simple ways to follow the site and have your say. There are now no excuses not to express your opinion or tell me where I can improve! So get involved and really make this a community focussed site.

Thank you for all of your lovely support, it really means a lot.

6 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Brian Webb says:

    Hi Ben
    Good luck with the website, it looks really good, I shall forward on any Scouts news when I get some if that’s ok?

  2. Thank you Brian, Scouts news would be absolutely fantastic! Just send me whatever you’ve got when you get it and I’ll post it on here for you. That is exactly how I want this site to work!

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