Local Teen Charged With Criminal Damage

A 15 year old boy has been charged in connection with an incident in Loddon. The charge relates to an incident on 28th January where a window was damaged at the Bowls Club in Loddon.

A message from Loddon Safer Neighbourhood Team states:

“He has been bailed to appear at court on 22nd February with a curfew to reside at his home address between 10pm and 6am and with conditions not to be drunk in a public place or possession of alcohol in a public place, and not to go within 50 metres of Loddon Bowls Club.”

To find out more about local policing visit www.norfolk.police.uk

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The Loddon Players are online…

…with their brand new website:

The Loddon Eye is pleased to announce the launch of The Loddon Players’ site – www.loddonplayers.com.

If you’ve been following this site you’ll be aware that The Loddon Eye is a fan of The Loddon Players and everything they do. The review of January’s pantomime can be found here.

So be sure to keep checking their new site with it’s easy-to-remember address. It is early days but no doubt it will grow and grow as The Loddon Player’s continue to entertain the community.

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Your photos on The Loddon Eye…

…and these fantastic shots come courtesy of Norman

As we zip through January I cannot help but look forward to warmer and more pleasant weather. However, these three beautiful pictures of the countryside surrounding Loddon serve to illustrate just how beautiful the English winter can be.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet; I feel it is best to let the pictures do the talking…
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Coffee Morning at Loddon Library

…Saturday 29th January, 11am

Evening all, just a quick post to let you know of an event taking place this weekend.

On Saturday, Loddon Library will be holding an event that librarian Susannah says is aimed at “old and new borrowers alike”. Everyone is encouraged to meet the staff, have a cup of tea and a cake, browse the second hand book sale and find out what your local library has to offer. There is also an added incentive to join the library… anybody who does so will be entered into a draw to win an eReader. This event will be held from 11am onwards, allowing you to peruse the books, sip tea and have a natter until 1pm when the library closes.

So why not go along and discover all the benefits of using your local library, one of which The Loddon Eye has already covered in a previous post.

And at the end of the day you’ll at least get tea and cake.
Can’t be too bad for a quick visit to your village library on a Saturday morning…

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It’s not just me that rates The Loddon Players’ pantomime…

…here I present you with Caroline Dwen’s review of ‘Mother Goose’

Take it away Caroline:

“I’ve seen Loddon panto every year for many years and have always enjoyed it, but this year’s Mother Goose is the best show ever!  The show is well written and highlights just how many wonderfully talented people live in the Loddon area.  The lighting and special effects are worthy of a professional performance and the costumes and sets cannot be faulted.  If you haven’t seen the show then get a ticket as soon as you can; you wouldn’t want to miss this!”

I couldn’t have put it any better myself!

Caroline’s review found it’s way to me via The Loddon Eye email and, as we are all for varied opinions and discussions here, it made it to the site as quick as I could manage. Please remember that if you have anything you would like to see on The Loddon Eye it is ridiculously easy to make it happen. Check the ‘Get Involved’ page for more details but essentially you can:
Email me at theloddoneye@hotmail.co.uk
Leave a comment beneath any post
Find The Loddon Eye on Facebook
Tweet me @LoddonEye

Thanks again to Caroline for her feedback on the panto as well as allowing me to demonstrate just how easy it is to get your thoughts about Loddon onto the big bad web!

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Is The Loddon Player’s pantomime, ‘Mother Goose’, really the perfect way to wash away the January blues?

“… Oh yes it is!!”

On Saturday evening, from the back of the audience in the little Lecture Hall in Loddon, my brother and I were having a brilliant time. About two thirds of the way through The Loddon Players’ annual pantomime we turned to each other, shaking our heads in slight disbelief, and just laughed. We decided there and then we were on a ‘panto high’ and were seriously wondering if there were ways you could bottle the atmosphere and sell it as holistic stress relief.

And that was when I realised why the Loddon panto is so popular, year after year. Instantly welcoming, warming, and enjoyable, it is like meeting up with an old friend who always reminds you of the best way to let your hair down. The Loddon Players have perfected the panto formula with their own blend of loveable characters, local gags, audience participation, mild and engineered chaos, and familiar faces. Each year audiences turn up knowing exactly what to expect and this year, with ‘Mother Goose’, they will not be disappointed.

Despite being soul warmingly familiar and loveable the local troupe has still managed to breathe new zest into the show. This year, among many other highlights, the audience were treated to a dazzling and extravagant rendition of Shirley Bassey’s ‘Get The Party Started’, and an inspired version of ‘Devil In Disguise’.
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The online Loddon ‘family’ welcomes a new addition…

…with the announcement of Loddon Community Cinema’s new site.

It is always nice to see things grow and develop around you and The Loddon Eye is very pleased to welcome Loddon Community Cinema into this expanding digital landscape as they unveil their shiny new web space.

Moving from a previous site held through East Involve, the Community Cinema now has a much more functional website containing everything you need to know; from future films to background info.

Providing a relaxed and accessible way to enjoy top quality films, Loddon Community Cinema has been running since summer 2009. Screenings are held in the lecture hall behind St Johns Methodist Church, George Lane, Loddon and promise a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Admission is £4 for adults, £2 for under 16s, and refreshments are available before the film and during the interval.

Future films have now been added to The Loddon Eye ‘Upcoming Events’ page and please visit the Community Cinema website for more detailed descriptions of the films.

The next showing will be ‘From Time To Time’ on 3rd February.

Please take a look at the Loddon Community Cinema site and show your support for a great village project.

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You don’t have to be Hercule Poirot…

…to realise that things on The Loddon Eye have been a bit quiet of late. To say the least.

Well the time has finally come for me to bite the bullet and apologise.


I hope everyone had a fantastic festive period, I know I certainly did. It was, however, typically hectic. The house was filled with family and friends and there never seemed to be a quiet moment. Coupled with this, working part time in retail over Christmas suddenly becomes anything but ‘part time’. Anyone who has ever worked in a store in the lead up to Christmas and the following chaos of sales will hopefully sympathise with me. As such, The Loddon Eye, my free-time project, has suffered dreadfully.

Once you hit a patch like this it seems to become more and more difficult to get the ball rolling again. However, now we are zipping into late January at a frightful speed it finally feels like things are getting back to normal. So it is time to focus on The Loddon Eye once again. And fear not dear readers, I have made certain changes which will hopefully allow me to put more time into the site and push this humble hyperlocal project onwards and upwards.

There is still a huge amount of potential for The Loddon Eye and hopefully 2011 will be a good year for both Loddon and this site.

I guess I have just learned exactly how hard it is to work and maintain a successful side project simultaneously. It is something I’m just going to have to become accustomed to though… unless anyone is willing to pay me a wage for running The Loddon Eye of course!

Happy (belated) New Year everybody… may 2011 be extraordinarily prosperous.

The Loddon Eye

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