Coffee Morning at Loddon Library

…Saturday 29th January, 11am

Evening all, just a quick post to let you know of an event taking place this weekend.

On Saturday, Loddon Library will be holding an event that librarian Susannah says is aimed at “old and new borrowers alike”. Everyone is encouraged to meet the staff, have a cup of tea and a cake, browse the second hand book sale and find out what your local library has to offer. There is also an added incentive to join the library… anybody who does so will be entered into a draw to win an eReader. This event will be held from 11am onwards, allowing you to peruse the books, sip tea and have a natter until 1pm when the library closes.

So why not go along and discover all the benefits of using your local library, one of which The Loddon Eye has already covered in a previous post.

And at the end of the day you’ll at least get tea and cake.
Can’t be too bad for a quick visit to your village library on a Saturday morning…

About The Loddon Eye

Part experiment, part personal project, part quest to provide *something* for the area... let's turn this into something wonderful!
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